School Begins Thursday September 7, 2017

Happy August PS 101 Parents!
The summer is moving fast! Please make sure you are reading with your children everyday, practicing writing and math. You ensuring they do some work now will make the transition for Homework and school much easier on your child, and therefore easier on you!

As a reminder school starts on Thursday September 7, 2017
School Hours are: 8:10am-2:20pm
Breakfast is served from 7:40am-8:05am

First Day of school Procedures
All Students in Grades 1-5 have a full regular first day of school
Kindergarten Students: The first day of school is a shortened day
Kindergarten Parents MUST come with their child on the first day which starts at 9am
Parent pick-up of Kindergarten students is 11:30am
(you will be able to see your child’s classroom 🙂
**On September 6 Kindergarten has a normal school day from 8:10am-2:20pm

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