Reminder: PS 101 Closed For the Summer

I want to remind everyone that PS 101 is under construction and has been closed for the summer, which means no one aside from construction workers, are in the school building. Please note this means we have not received any phone calls or faxes over the summer. During this phase of remodeling, the first floor is being re-modeled (classrooms being modified, nurse’s office being moved, new bathrooms, etc).

Assuming all happens as scheduled, PS 101 will re-open on the 28th and we will begin the process of receiving phone calls, admitting new students, etc. If you need something before school starts on September 7, please call the school first at 718-372-0221 to ensure we are there before coming. Parents who need to register their children can begin calling the school on Monday August 28 to find out when registration will take place for new students, and we will of course continue to call students off our Kindergarten wait-list as soon as we see our class numbers upon return. In the mean time, you can call our Parent Coordinator Margaret Lloyd for any questions.

Have an amazing rest of the summer-
Principal Korrol

2 thoughts on “Reminder: PS 101 Closed For the Summer

  1. Thank you Ms. Margaret. You do such a wonderful service to our children, the school and keeping the parents abreast of coming events and/or situations.

    The Maulella family


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