Back To School Night – Wednesday, September 13th

back to school night – parent 2017

Welcome “Back To School” Night!!!

September 11, 2017

Dear P.S. 101 Parents/Guardians:

Welcome to all of our returning and new students and families to PS 101. On Wednesday evening, September 13th, we will be holding an orientation to welcome PS 101 families and inform you about the school year ahead.

In order to accommodate parent requests for tailored classroom\teacher\program information, we have arranged multiple sessions so that you may able to attend more than one grade/department’s orientation, and at a time convenient to you.  Classroom sessions will be held in individual classrooms (classrooms are listed on the back of this notice), and specialty teaching staff (cluster teachers) will be housed in the auditorium for an overview of each program. Related Service Providers will be available in their assigned rooms for guidance and goal setting discussion.

Starting at 5:00pm teachers will hold two 45 minute teacher sessions at 5:00pm or 6:00pm (each of these two sessions will be the same so that you can attend a session that’s convenient for you). These orientations are designed to give parents/guardians an overview of this coming year’s work and expectations. It is important for you to attend these individual class meetings to gain a better understanding of expectations, learning goals, routines and rituals on the grade. Our objective is to develop a home/school partnership that will ultimately help your child succeed. While we would be pleased for your child to attend our school wide events, kindly try to schedule child-care in advance, as we expect very limited space in our classrooms.

Our Parent-Teacher Association is prepared to answer any and all of your concerns in their office, located on the first floor- room 159. Hand-outs, fundraiser information and school events will be shared for those parents stopping in for a meet and greet.

Additionally, our Speech and Language teachers will be holding an open house to help you understand the great need for language development and the strong link between building language and phonics skills to ensure good reading and writing. Our Speech and Language teachers will be meeting in room 351 at the end of each welcome session.

Our administrative team and Parent Coordinator will be available at any time for you during the evening.
Two identical sessions will be held in classrooms.
Choose the time that’s good for you:

Session #1: 5:00pm–5:45pm                                         Session #2: 6:00pm–6:45pm   

We look forward to seeing you and once again welcome to PS 101. I am confident it will be a productive and a fun-filled school year.


Gregg Korrol


Classroom Positions Cluster  Positions
501       GL 5-418 N. Capone Social Studies Cluster 1 Itinerant/361B M. Bova
502 5-417 A.Lin Theater Auditorium/361B J.DeMarco
503       ICT 5-411 J.Ryu/ C.Liu Music Cluster Itinerant/361B R. Civitano
504       ICT 5-413 J.Sestito/R. Giarracca Science Cluster 312 F.Mastrianni
505 5-420 E.Librera Technology/Tech Coach/STARS 422 H.Lau
Phys.Ed Cluster Gymnasium G.Kane
401 4-409 A. Gillespie Art itinerant/361B C.Russo
402       ICT 4-421 J. Coccia/ V. Correnti
403       ICT 4-415 K.Sesny / L.Huang
404 4-410 Castro School Based Support Team
405       ICT 4-412 A.Casillas/ J.Mark C. IEP Teacher K. Damiano 205
Psychologist N.Willner 423B
301       ICT 3-317 C.Reilly/ K.Huang E. Avila (M/Th) 423
302       ICT 3-318 D.SanFilippo/  J.Turchi Social Worker L.Gureovich /C.Ortiz 423
303       ICT 3-414 L.Nawrocki/ D.Raisig Guidance Counselor K.Nessas 359
304 3-419 S. DiCapua SLP-Speech C.Azaria 351
305 3-416 H. Yee M.Gaba 351
E31       Gr. 3_4_5 3-4-5-147 (1551) A.Warner E.Blatti 219
Occupational Thrpst L.Vugman 155c
201 2-309 L.Tuccillo Physical Thrpst G. Weingarten
202 2-314 M.Herbert Parent Coordinator M. Lloyd Office
203       ICT 2-313 A.Blacker/ M.Purpura Nurse M.Dellavalle 105
204       ICT 2-310 L.LaNatra/D.Rivera Secretaries J.Tartamella Pupil Acct
205 2-311 F.DeMarco L. Desiano Payroll
101 1-218 A. Careaga
102       DL 1-215 K.Wu
103 1-316 A.Baio
104       ICT 1-214 R.Pulice/ G.Ciluffo
105       ICT 1-315 D.Mezzo/ J.DiMicelli
O11 K-211 N. Duggan
O12       ICT K-213 D.DeMatteo/ M. Zollo
O13       DL K-210 J.Wu
O14       ICT K-212 C. Alfieri/ C.Mantagas
O15 K-145 (1092) M.Lupo
ESL Department
ESL Dept. Leader/ Gr 4-5 J.Rivera
ESL Gr 1+ G.Siggia
ESL Gr 2-3 P.DeMarco
ESL -K M.Lupo
Small Group Positions
GTE (Enrichment) 202, 304+enrich B.Ruszkowski
OG  Specialist 255 M.McGinn
Funded Math 361a R.Brocato
Testing Coord.  /Reading Specialist 459 L.Cannatella
Reading Spec. 459 Pluchino

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