New Exits for Kindergarten Dismissal Effective Monday September 18th – PS 101

Exit Changes for Dismissal 2017-2018                                                                                                Exit Map 2017 – changes as of 9-18-17

September 14, 2017

Dear K1- K3- K4 Families Only:

At our Back to School evening, some concerns were expressed about the high volume of pedestrian traffic on Bay 35th street with kindergarten, first grade and third grade student dismissal. Due to construction and closed exits, we are trying our best to ensure a rapid and safe dismissal that works for the children, teachers and parents.

To alleviate these concerns and congestion, we are moving the dismissal exit for K-1: Ms. Duggan’s class; K-3: Ms. Wu’s class; and K-4: Ms. Alfieri and Ms. Mantagas’ class to the 24th Avenue side of the building. We will post signs to designate areas in which these kindergarten classes will gather so they are visible for family members picking-up.

These changes for dismissal will take effect on Monday, September 18th, 2017.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concern, please feel free to contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Margaret Lloyd at 1-347-563-4680.


Gregg Korrol


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