Talent Show Sign-Up for Grades 3, 4 and 5

Talent Show Parent Letter 2017-2018

Dear Parents and Students of PS 101,

P.S. 101 is pleased to announce our Annual Talent Show on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018 for grades 3, 4 and 5.  Students who are interested in performing in the Talent Show must be prepared to audition.  Auditions will take place afterschool in the auditorium on Tuesday, October 3rd from 2:30PM-3:30. The act should not exceed 2 minutes.  Students may perform alone or in a group.  Some ideas for your acts are dancing, singing, gymnastics, playing a musical instrument, karate, magic, comedy act, etc.

The show will have a maximum of twenty performance acts.  Any student interested may audition during the scheduled time.  If you would like to audition, please fill out the form below.  Indicate what you will be doing, and return it to Ms. Bennici in room 212 or place in her mailbox on or before Monday, September 25thRemember to bring your props such as, music cd, instrument, music book, thumb drive etc. when you audition during the scheduled time.  If you need help downloading a song please notify Ms. Bova, Ms. Bennici, Mrs. DeMarco or Ms. Civitano AHEAD OF TIME!

Each child will receive a letter of acceptance notifying that they have been chosen to participate in our Annual Talent Show, which will be held on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.  During the months of December and January, we will be available for guidance and have allocated time during the school day for you to practice your routine. You will have several weeks to perfect your performance.

**It is your responsibility to follow through the guidelines mentioned below!**

  1. If you miss two practices you will not be able to participate in the Talent Show.
  2. If we do not see improvement in your performance you will not be able to participate in the show.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful performances that you will put together!


Mrs. Bova, Ms. Bennici, Mrs. P. DeMarco, Ms. Civitano



I would like to audition for the Talent Show.  Please indicate whether you will be performing alone or as a group.  If you are performing as a group, fill out one form for the entire group.  Please list the names of the students with whom you are working with as well as the name(s) of their classroom teacher(s) and room number(s).  Please indicate what kind of performance you will be choosing to audition. Based on the feedback and interest of students, we will notify you with an audition appointment time in which you will need to report to school for the try-out. Stay tuned for your appointment time – we will send this to your classroom in advance.


_____________________________                                                                            ____________________________

Student’s Name                                                                                                                 Student’s Class & Room Number

Please advise if your child attends an after-school program and which, since the auditions will be held after the end of the school day at 2:30PM.  If the afterschool program is Angel Center of TASC they will be dismissed to them.  Any other afterschool programs you must pick up your child.

_______ Yes my child attends an afterschool program: _______________________________________________________________

_______ No my child does not attend an afterschool program and I will pick up from school at 3:30

_______ No my child does not attend an afterschool program and will walk home alone at 3:30



 Parent Signature


_______ I will be performing alone.  I will be (dancing, singing, etc.) _______________.

_______ I will be performing with a group.  We will be _________________.

___________________________               ______________              _____________________

Name                                                       Class/Room Number         Teacher


___________________________               ______________              _____________________

Name                                                        Class/Room Number       Teacher


___________________________               ______________              _____________________

Name                                                       Class/Room Number        Teacher


___________________________               ______________              _____________________

Name                                                       Class/Room Number         Teacher

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