School Spirit Day – Career Day – November 17, 2017

Little Lighthouse Team – School Spirit Day – Career Readiness

Little Lighthouse Team

School Spirit Day – November 17, 2017

Dear PS 101 Families:

Please be advised our Little Lighthouse Team (our student representatives for the school) will be organizing a School Spirit Day on Friday, November 17th for students to gain an understanding about college & career readiness, as well as have some FUN!

Your child should dress in the profession they may want to work in.
Do they want to be a Doctor? Computer Programmer? Drone Pilot? Dancer? Teacher? Police officer?
Dress the part on November 17!

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to talk with your child about what job they may want one day. As most students are all less than 11 years old, let them have fun with it. Let them think about what they may want to do, and if they don’t know, ask them to take a guess, and go for it! Chances are, many of them will be working in careers that may not even exist right now.

During the day, our teaching staff will embrace these teachable moments with lessons about the career paths the students may follow and conclude with some thought-provoking questions:  If you really want to work in this profession, what steps are you already taking to learn about it? How does service/career affect our community? What careers do you think we as a society need?

We look forward to an exciting day on Friday, November 17th — SHOW YOUR SCHOOL SPIRIT!!  This is a great day to open our student’s hearts and minds to a world of amazing career opportunities.


PS 10K Little Lighthouse Team and Ms. Bova and Ms. Nessas

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