Remind/DOJO Parent Letter

REMIND and DOJO Letter Final 2018

March 1, 2018

Dear PS 101 Families:

Thank you for your high interest in using the REMIND and/or DOJO application(s) which allows you to receive messages and respond to your child’s teacher.

Please be reminded that teachers are unavailable to use REMIND/DOJO contact or replies while teaching and/or at meetings. Teachers will do their best to respond to questions within 24-48 hours, but you should not expect them to respond immediately.

If there is a situation or concern that you need to speak with your child’s teacher about, you may arrange for an appointment through Remind/Dojo or by calling the school. Additionally, please do not contact teachers in the evening hours as they are home with their family being mommies and daddies, just like you.

In advance, I appreciate your understanding and partnership to ensure that texting systems are used as part of enhancing the home-school connection.





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