School Fundraiser Event – Creative Crafts For A Cure

Fundraiser, Arts and Crafts – St. Jude

S C H O O L     F U N D R A I S E R     E V E N T

Creative Crafts for A Cure


Dear PS 101 Families:

We will be organizing a school fundraiser to raise donations for a purposeful cause to help those in need. Creative Crafts for A Cure will include many arts and crafts items for students to purchase and all proceeds will go towards St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and a local Animal Shelter voted by our very own 101 student body.  Items for sale include personalized beaded bracelets with messages of hope and inspiration and all beautifully hand-painted votive scented candles, glassware, vases, keep-sake boxes, trinkets, etc. ranging from $2 and up.

These hand-made items are decorative and will serve as ideal Mother’s Day gifts for that someone especial in your child’s life.  We encourage you to send your child to school on Thursday, May 3rd, Friday, May 4th and Friday, May 11th with spending money enclosed in a sealed envelope clearly labeled with your child’s full name and class. Items will be sold during all lunch periods so students can do some shopping!

Please support us as we work together to help sick children to find a cure with research and quality care and suffering animals in shelters seeking a loving home.

Please support our efforts for a great cause!


Rose Brocato

Math Teacher and Event Coordinator – Creative Crafts for Cure Fundraiser







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