LAST DAY for ESL Morning Program – Thursday, April 26

Morning Program -OG ESL Ends

April 20, 2018

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Please note that the last day for the early morning program for Orton-Gillingham and Newcomer English Language Learners is Thursday, April 26th.  We are confident these morning classes have helped your child’s literacy development to strengthen reading and writing skills.

Please make arrangements in advance for your child’s prompt arrival before the 8:10 am start of the day beginning April 27th. Our school opens for a free and healthy breakfast at 7:40 am and we encourage you to make every effort for your child to join in for a well-balanced morning meal to start the day.

Thank you for participating in this program and please mark your calendars for our final day of the Orton-Gillingham morning support program on Thursday, April 26th.                                   


GK:jt                                                                            Gregg Korrol, Principal


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