PTA General Membership Meeting AGENDA – May 15th

PTA-Agenda for May 2018 meeting (003)
Parent Teacher Association of P.S. 101
2360 Benson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11214

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 @ 8:30 am

• Meeting Call to Order
• Review of Minutes/Motion to Approve
• Election for PTA Board
o President
o Treasurer
o Recording Secretary
o Vice President
o Corresponding Secretary
• Election for SLT Positions (2 parent members)
• President’s Report
o Updates on Fundraisers and Important Dates
• Treasurer’s Report
o Motion to Approve Treasurer’s Report
• SLT Update
• Questions & Concerns Session
• Monthly Raffle
• Motion to Adjourn
• Title1 update
Upcoming Dates:
May 18th Field Day – 3rd Grade (Dyker Beach Park)
May 21st Field Day – 4th Grade (Dyker Beach Park)
May 23rd Dance Festival (Grades K, 1st, & 2nd)
May 25th PTA Bake Sale
May 28th Memorial Day (School Closed)
June 7th Brooklyn Day (School Closed)
June 11th Senior Prom
June 11th Clerical Day (School Closed)
June 15th Eid al-Fitr (School Closed)
June 21st PTA Meeting
June 26th Last Day of School

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