Life Skills Reminder- Using a telephone

Greetings Parents/Guardians,

In recent weeks, we have had students come to the office to call home (ex: forgot their lunch) and have observed they do not know how to use a phone. Obviously we all have cell phones, and this is the reason why children do not use regular phones. Cell phones do not have dial tones and we barely dial a phone number if it’s a saved contact, etc. If ever there were an emergency, and cell phones didn’t work, standard landline phones which are in most office buildings, schools and on the street will still work and your children should know how to use them to call you or the police, etc.

Please teach your children how to use a regular standard phone. Let them hear a dial tone, teach them how to dial a phone number including 1 plus the area code. While it may seem simple to you, to our kids who have never experienced a regular phone, it is an important skill, especially in an emergency situation. Please take the time to teach this skill to your children.

Thank you,

#telephone #call #phone #needtoknow #emergencyready

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