School Spirit Day – Flannel Day – November 21st

Little Lighthouse Team – School Spirit Day – Flannel Day

November 19, 2018

School Spirit Day – Wednesday, November 21st

Dear PS 101 Parents and Guardians,

We are pleased to announce our School Spirit Day on Wednesday, November 21st to cozy up with the fall season upon us with our Fall Flannel Wednesday!

We want to show our 101 school spirit and get comfy to wear some warm flannel apparel!

Please be sure your child is prepared for this fun-filled school wide event on Wednesday, November 21st

 The Fall is a time for cooler weather.

In comes the chill of the brisk air.

There is a strong need for warmer clothing.

Bathing suits are something, you should no longer dare.


It’s a time for flannel shirts, thicker socks

and friends spending time together.

So, let’s stay warm, celebrating all that is happening in the Fall;

Changing leaves, flannel shirts and cool weather!

Thank you for your continued support as we work with our Little Lighthouse Team to create fun-filled school days that bring smiles and spirit!

Yours truly,

Ms. M. Bova, Ms. Nessas and our Little Lighthouse Team

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