LIM January Newsletter

LIM Newsletter-January

Leader in Me Monthly Highlights

Looking back on JANUARY…

Student & Teacher Leaders

-Thanks to Ms. Mantagas and her
expertise, on January 10th
parents and children got to
participate in an afterschool
yoga workshop. Namaste!
-On January 10th, The Little
Lighthouse Team, along with Ms.
Bova and Ms. Nessas, visited
King David Nursing Home to
show their continued support
various groups in our community.

Parent Leaders

-On January 11th our P.T.A.
worked hard at selling
treats during all 3 lunch
periods. The proceeds
earned will go towards the
cost of Field Day t-shirts.
-January 27th was an
important day for our
Kindergarten and 5th Grade
students. It was Graduation
Picture Day, and thanks to
our P.T.A., all went


-On January 11th
we showed our
school spirit and
shared stories
for College
Awareness Day.
-On January 18th
students and
teachers showed
off their fun
and silly socks
for Crazy Sock
-January 24th
was our Leader
of the Month-
Pancakes with

Upcoming Leader Days
February 11th– Friendship Day-
February 12th–Wear clothing
that shares positive, kind, or
inspirational messages.
February 13th–Mix It Up Day –
Wear Mismatched Clothes.
February 14th– 100th Day of
School–Create and wear a 100
Day themed hat/shirt PLUS Love
Day-Wear PINK or RED.
February 15th–101st Day of
School-Wear PS 101 Gear.

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