PTA Sponsored – Shoparoo


March 12, 2019

Dear P.S.101 Parents,

Last year we have partnered with Shoparoo to leverage their hassle-free approach to raising thousands of dollars for P.S.101 Verrazzano School. 7,000+ schools are already fundraising through Shoparoo and we see it as great opportunity for us to make a difference this year.

With the free Shoparoo app, all you have to do to raise money for our school is take pictures of your grocery receipts with your phone!

  • Any contact information submitted to Shoparoo to setup your account remains confidential and IS NOT disclosed to anyone unless you expressly and specifically allow it.
  • Your receipts already have the credit and debit card information “xx’ed” out to comply with credit card protection laws.
  • You don’t have to buy anything! The school benefits from your existing spending habits.
  • Scanning the receipt and submitting it is EASY!
  • Participation is strictly voluntary, or you may donate your receipts to the PTA.


  1. Download the free Shoparoo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Once it’s downloaded, select our school as your cause by putting in referral code# jak97321 and take pictures of receipts!
  3. Invite other parents and members of the community to participate in this simple fundraiser.


Donate your receipts to the PTA, and we’ll do the work and snap the pictures for you!

 This is a fantastic, simple, secure and straight forward method to help raise additional funds to support PS101 Verrazzano School PTA!

If you have any questions, you can contact the PTA at or visit

Thank you for your support!

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