PTA – Spring Chocolate Letter

Spring Chocolate Letter revised

PTA of P.S. 101

World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser



Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:


The PTA of P.S. 101 is sponsoring a Fundraiser. We will be selling World’s Finest Chocolate Bars – A truly delicious Chocolate that has been sold through Schools and Organizations throughout the world. One taste will tell you how it got its name and you will discover people in your neighborhood who have been World’s Finest fans for years. We appreciate your continued cooperation. Please help us by selling to friends, relatives and co-workers.


PLEASE do your best with this very important fundraiser.  Try to sell at least one case.


SALE STARTS TODAY and will END on April 18th.




(all bars sell for $1.00)




Inside every case of chocolate, you will find information on how to activate your FREE membership to, a website that gives you access to hundreds of money saving coupons in your area.


TOP SELLER in the SCHOOL will receive a AMAZON FIRE 7 with Alexa !!!



Anyone who participates in the sale will receive a Smencil

                       Sell 2 cases and also receive a SMEN




  1. ALL money should be collected as you sell the bars.
  2. Payment is to be returned inside the collection envelope located inside your carry case.
  3. If you wish to get another box – Please send in a note to school along with payment for the previous box.
  4. CASH accepted. Money Orders payable to P.S.101 P.T.A.     No Personnel checks will be accepted           
  5. Do not sell alone! Never sell to strangers!

———————————————————————————————————————————————                                                                                    (Please return this form by a/s/a/p)


I am requesting one case of World’s Finest Chocolate Bars.  I am aware that I am responsible for the entire case at a cost of $60.00 (60 bars per case @ $1.00 per bar)



Child’s Name______________________________________                   Class__________________



Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________­____   Date__________     Phone # ____________________

ALL BARS ARE PEANUT & GLUTEN FREE                           

Ginny Chu – President

Amy Hill–Vice President                                                                                                                     Mr. Gregg Korrol – Principal

Katy Li- Treasurer                                                                                                                              Mrs. Elisa Kane – Assistant Principal

Casandra Chew – Recording Secretary                                                                                           Ms. Patricia Percaccio – Assistant Principal

Eva Chiu – Corresponding Secretary



Parent Teacher Association of P.S. 101

2360 Benson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11214


April 3rd, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We’re on the move with our World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser.


Currently at the 30% mark, we need your help to help to reach our goal!


If you are interested in participating, please fill out the slip on the other side of this form, and return to the PTA as soon as possible.

REMINDER!! Chocolate sales end April 18th, so please act fast!

 Please help us by selling to family, friends, and co-workers. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.


The Verrazzano School PTA


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