Warm Weather Dress Code

Dress Code for warm weather

Dear Parents/Guardians:       June 4, 2019

We have reached a very important time in the academic year. Although, the warm weather may feel like the year is winding down, instruction continues at full speed. Learning experiences in May and June are an important part of the curriculum and for many of our children it is the time when all of the instruction from previous months culminates and challenges students.

We ask for your cooperation in helping us do everything we can to optimize learning for your children. We rely on your partnership to ensure you keep the following points in mind:

*Attendance and being on time is vital to your child’s progress. Did you know that a student with a 90% attendance rate actually missed one month of school? That’s a reality.  Everyday counts! Students should only be absent when they are sick.

*Students should come to school dressed appropriately to learn at all times. The proper tone of a school building is greatly enhanced when students are dressed for successful learning. Tank tops or halter tops are not permitted.  We are fortunate to have functional air conditioners in every classroom which eliminates the need to wear scant clothing. Shorts that are “finger-tip” length or longer are permissible; however short shorts are not. The finger-tip rule: shorts should be longer than the tips of the child’s finger, when arms are held straight down the side of their legs.

*During the course of the day, children go up and down the steps and play outside during their designated lunch period. For your child’s own safety, sandals, flip-flops, backless and high heel shoes are not permitted to be worn in school. As shoes like this are deemed unsafe for physical activities.  Children wearing shoes of this kind will not be permitted to play in gym class. Furthermore, students must wear sneakers to Physical Education classes. Failure to do so constitutes being unprepared for class and may impact negatively on report cards grades.

*Our policy is not to interrupt instruction. Therefore, except in the case of an emergency, we ask that parents/guardians refrain from telephoning to convey messages to their children. Messages to teachers should be written and sent to school with your child and any change in dismissal procedures or time must be done in writing.

*Please be advised to ensure the safety of our students and staff, do not send your child to school with glass containers for drinking purposes or supplies.  Liquids of any kind should not be brought on school grounds.  As a safety risk, we are asking for full cooperation to prevent any accidents or unnecessary harm.  Any glass containing water, juice or hand-sanitizer in a glass bottle comprises student safety and we discard any of these items if observed in the classroom.

*Allergies and reactions to various foods are prevalent and it is our responsibility to teach our students and your children to avoid sharing their snacks with one another as they never know if a friend has a peanut or tree allergy and a threat of health can be at risk with ingredients/contents of foods, packaging and facilities.

*NO pitted fruits are allowed.  Please be aware that students should not bring in seaweed snack packets from home to eat during lunchtime.  In reading the packaging, these items include contents of silica gel.  Gel beads in the package are at-risk for ingestion.  Additionally, strawberries should not be brought in for snack or lunchtime due to a potential major acute allergy-response.

*In the past, children have also brought in foods with packets to maintain freshness during the school-day.  Although many foods include these little white packets to keep foods fresh, it is very harmful and dangerous around children.   Poison Control, indicates that American silica gel is from China and cannot be verified as non-toxic.  Therefore, please be aware of product packaging, while purchasing for your home and family.

We expect you will cooperate with us in helping our children and in maintaining a safe learning environment for all.   Sincerely,

GK:jt         Gregg Korrol Principal

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