NYC School Account – Parent Letter

NYC School Account Letter 2019

June 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians of PS 101:

As the end of the school year approaches, you should ensure your accessibility and activation of the NYC Schools Account:

We want to support our families who wish to create a NYC Schools Account In order to view your child’s attendance, report-card grades, progress towards graduation, NYC FITNESSGRAM results, and assessment scores. Beginning this upcoming September, the NYC Schools Account will also display student transportation information, including transportation eligibility, MetroCard type (if eligible), transportation bus schedule by day and time, and school session-time information for your perusal. The information is important for having a shared hand in your child’s education. You are strongly encouraged to create a NYC Schools Account if you haven’t already done so yet.

You can view your child’s reports on NYC Schools Account in addition to viewing enrollment history at both the student’s home school and the shared instruction school(s). Each shared instruction school will display on the NYCSA Student Profile screen in a new section labeled “Additional Locations.” This year’s assessments will be released at the end of this school year. You can also access the link through our school website Fitness Gram reports are prepared with data collected from Physical Education activities and we empower you to reinforce the idea that students can be healthy within a range of health and fitness measures. The NYC FITNESSGRAM is designed to jumpstart conversations in schools, homes, and 101 community. Think about how you can encourage and promote these conversations with your child. Like any instruction, learning how to get and stay healthy is a process that is most successful when school and families work together. NYC FITNESSGRAM is not criterion referenced. Students are not competing against one another or against a standardized norm. Information is expressed in terms of whether the individual is in or out of the Healthy Fitness Zone based on the student’s age and gender. This report is not a class grade or a test grade, it is information that students, families, and health care providers can use to set health and fitness goals for students.

Our Parent Coordinator, Ms.Margaret Lloyd is assigned the role as our Family Access Manager enabling you to create NYC Schools Accounts. Ms. Lloyd is readily available to guide and assist you in completion and full school participation. For parent resources, you may visit the NYC Schools Account website directly. If you have suggestions or questions about FAM or NYC Schools Account, please contact Ms. Margaret Lloyd at (1-347-563-4680).




Gregg Korrol



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