Tips for Safe Travel This Summer – NYC Department of Health

Tips for Safe Travel This Summer
It is important to keep your family safe and healthy if you plan to travel to another country this summer. Getting sick during your travels can prevent you from enjoying your trip. You may also have symptoms when you return home, which can prevent you from going to work and your children from going to school. Here are some ways you can protect your family’s health before and during your trip:
See your health care provider at least four to six weeks before your trip.
-Tell your doctor where you are traveling so they can prescribe the right medicines and/or vaccines to prevent you and your family from getting sick.
-Some of these medicines and vaccines take time to provide full protection. Visiting your
health care provider early helps to make sure you are fully protected before your trip.
-Make sure all other routine vaccinations are up to date.
-Check that your family is immune to measles before your trip by talking with your health care provider. There are large outbreaks of measles in Europe and Israel, as well as in South America, Africa and Asia. Infants ages 6 to 11 months should also be vaccinated against measles before any international travel.
Follow these tips if you are in areas where food or water safety is a concern:
-Avoid eating fruits or vegetables that cannot be peeled.
-Make sure all your food is thoroughly cooked and served hot.
-Drink bottled water or disinfect water by boiling it for at least one minute. Some places may not have water that you can drink safely from the faucet.
-Wash hands often with soap and water before preparing and eating food.
-Protect yourself and your children against bug bites. Use insect repellent with DEET and wear longsleeved shirts and long pants. Sleep under an insecticide-treated bed net if you’re staying somewhere that does not have screens on the windows or doors, or if the screens are damaged.
-Do not pet or feed unfamiliar animals, even if they look safe.
For more information and specific advice on the country you are visiting, visit and click the blue “TRhIP” button for more information.

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