Parent Letter – Preparation for 2019-2020 School Year

Parent Letter June 17

June 17, 2019

Dear PS 101 Parents/Guardians:

The year has gone by so fast and I’m proud of the work my teachers, support staff and students have accomplished to meet state standards and progress with reading, writing and mathematics. I encourage you to work with your child over the summer with just the right mix of fun in the sun, family time, new experiences and friends and studying to reinforce the skills learned this year- reading every day, writing, discussion and mental math and hands-on learning with serve as a recipe for student success. You are your child’s first teacher and they will always follow your lead- so I urge you to lead by example and set expectations and a partnership that will ensure growth.

As the school year at P.S. 101 comes to a close, we have begun preparation for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Much of the preparation includes the creation of classes for the next year. Placement of students is a careful and deliberate process involving many considerations. Some of which are:

*Academic strengths and weakness areas of improvement

*Work habits and motivation

*Social, emotional and intellectual development

*Learning style

*Special needs (services and IEP mandates)

*Gender balance

*Interpersonal relationships

Each class profile reflects our collaborative efforts to ensure our children are placed appropriately. Therefore, in fairness to all students and families, I can assure you that every child receives full consideration in determining class placement.

The administration and staff appreciate your support as we work together to develop our student’s minds and hearts. Have a wonderful summer vacation! Enjoy the time spent with your children and send them back to us in September well, happy, and ready to succeed.




Gregg Korrol



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