PS 101 Construction

Greetings everyone!

I wanted to share a mid-summer update about our school. A tremendous amount of construction has been happening in our school, more so in the “old” section of PS 101, as the new section is basically finished. In the “old” section, some classrooms are being renovated, the auditorium is being changed (stage extended), bathrooms are being re-faced, the old cafeteria is being turned into classrooms (these wont be ready until 2021), and more.

I have been posting pictures on Instagram of our new building and I greatly look forward to seeing our students faces light up as they enter our school this September.
Reminder, the NEW MAIN ENTRANCE is on 24th Avenue.

As a reminder if you need to contact the school, it is best to do so by calling Mrs. Margaret our parent coordinator (347-563-4680) as no one is in the building this summer.

Our new school address is:
8696 24th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11214

As a reminder:
School Hours:
M-F 8:10am – 2:30pm
(Breakfast: 7:40am – 8:05am)
Hoping you are having an outstanding summer!
Gregg Korrol, Principal

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