Information and Resources on Public Charge Rule

Information and Resources on Public Charge Rule

From the NYCDOE: Family/Community Empowerment

The federal government recently announced a rule change related to when certain immigrants might be considered a “public charge” under immigration law. Under this rule change, some immigrants may be prevented from obtaining legal permanent residence status (i.e., green card/permanent resident card) or a visa, if they receive certain public benefits or the federal government believes they are likely to depend on public benefits in the future.

The DOE is committed to keeping all students, including undocumented students, safe in schools. Accessing services and benefits in schools—including educational services and supports, free breakfast or lunch, or school-based health clinics—does not put immigrants at risk of being considered a public charge. Receipt of Medicaid benefits by students under age 21 is also excluded from public charge consideration. You should share this list of supports with your school community to ensure immigrant families have access to resources on the broader impact of the proposed rule.

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