October School Spirit Dates – REVISED

School Spirit Day – October

**We have changed the date of P.S. 101’s Breast Cancer Awareness School Spirit Day to Friday, October 11th, 2019.


School Spirit Day

Dear PS 101 Families:

Research-based studies show how students with School Spirit perform better academically and are more engaged in social and civic matters and are happier in general than those with without school pride and interest. At PS 101, we need to lead by example and show our students the way.

We will hold School Spirit Events throughout the school year and need your support and your child’s full participation with each special day. Please make every effort to adhere to the color/theme for your child to share in the fun with their class. Classes with full participation with any School Spirit event will be awarded a class Viking token for their achievement.

Join the PS 101 family and thousands across the nation to kick-off Bully Prevention Month by wearing BLUE on Monday, October 7th. Being a friend is the greatest gift we can give someone, so let’s stand tall and strong to show support against bullies and bystanders and get involved. Show you care and stomp out bullying by wearing BLUE as we stand against hatred and bullying. We are LEADERS at PS 101, so let’s lead the way by example together on Monday, October 7th, 2019 and show your school spirit to wear BLUE!

October is also National Breast Cancer month and we celebrate the cause with support and great respect for those fighting the great fight and the hope for a cure. To honor those brave individuals and to spread awareness, we are asking our staff and students to wear PINK on Friday, October 11th, 2019THINK PINK and let’s show our 101 pride in hopes for a cure, to raise awareness for early detection and check-ups, and honor those affected by the disease.

Additionally, on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019, we will stand together against bullying. United for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. Make it ORANGE and make it end! What are your true colors when it comes to showing that you believe that all youth should be safe from bullying? Come together in one giant ORANGE message of hope and support, WEAR AND SHARE ORANGE to color our nation, and even the world, visibly showing that our society believes that no child should ever experience bullying.



Ms. Bova, Ms. Kipriadis and the Little Lighthouse Team

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