Appy for Kindergarten for September 2020 (begins soon..)

Dear Parents /Guardians-

Please note the application for Kindergarten for September 2020 begins shortly.

Below is a timeline of what you can expect:

Dates (2019/2020) Activity
Early December – January 21, 2020 Kindergarten September 2020 is for students who turn 5 year’s old during the year 2020
Families submit applications online, over the phone, or in person at a Family Welcome Center:
April 2020 Families receive offer letters.
April – May 2020










Families with offers contact schools (or visit our website) to make an appointment to pre-register.

Please click here for the list of documents you need for registration:


PS 101 hosts it’s Welcome Open House for those accepted in late May/early June

4 thoughts on “Appy for Kindergarten for September 2020 (begins soon..)

    • Good morning and apologies for the delayed response. We do not offer open houses as the demand for our school is overwhelming (we have more than twice the amount of applicants as we do seats). Acceptance is done by the NYCDOE and a lottery system based on a zoned priority. Once acceptances are done, we have a welcome meeting in May for incoming families. In the meantime, you can learn about us by following our Instagram page and website.


  1. Good Evening, My name is Tengiz Kantaria, my son goes to P.S 101 . He name is Luka Kantaria, he is in the third grade. I brought my daughter from Georgia in March and I would like to register her at P.S 101 for the first grade. Please, inform me how can I do it?
    With great appreciation,


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