Kindergarten Registration Application Process

Kindergarten Registration Proc.2020-21


December 11th – January 21, 2020

December 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We have just received pertinent information regarding KINDERGARTEN enrollment procedures from the NYC Department of Education. The KINDERGARTEN Application Process for 2020-21 Elementary schools will be as follows:

Beginning December 11th – January 21st families can apply to Kindergarten using one of the three options listed below:


  • Over the phone by calling (718) 935-2009
  • In Person at a Family Welcome Center


  • Family Welcome Center (District 20 & 21)     Brooklyn, NY 11209
  •      415 89th Street

Key Dates for Admissions

Early April Families receive offer letters.
April-May Families with offer letters contact schools to make an appointment to pre-register. Please see Chancellor’s Regulation A-101 for a list of accepted documents for proof of age and address.
Mid-May PS 101 will hold a Welcome Meeting for incoming families.
May-October Schools manage waitlists in MySchools.


PS 101 is NOT responsible for selecting students or printing mailing offers to families, but will conduct pre-registration as we have in the past and manage waitlists after initial offers go out. If you have any questions about applying to Kindergarten, call 718-935-2009.


To be eligible for admission to Kindergarten in September 2020, students must turn 5 by December 31, 2020 (Born in 2015) and be residents of New York City at the time of pre-registration.



GK:jt                                                                                      Gregg Korrol





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