School Spirit Dates – January 2020

School Spirit Days – January 2020


Dear PS 101 Staff:

We always want to strive to demonstrate a sense of community and family that unite together to celebrate. Our united school spirit will show support as a form of expression.

Here are some upcoming winter School Spirit Events for the month of JANUARY. We need your support and full participation with each special day, so please make every effort to adhere to the color/theme and share in the fun!

College Day at 101- Friday, January 10th

In an effort to strengthen the college going culture and promote awareness of options for post-secondary education, we are having our annual school wide College Awareness Day on Friday, January 10th, 2020!!

The aim of College Awareness Day is to continue the college conversation within our school, and help students and families understand that their dream of college is attainable and need not be compromised by financial considerations, geographical barriers, or other obstacles. Wear college-themed shirts to promote college goals and readiness!

Crazy Sock Day – Friday, January 17th

Feel like being silly? Having a fun-filled day? Well- try wearing some of your funkiest and coolest socks from your collection to school on Friday, January 17th. Its Crazy Sock Day at PS 101 and we want you to join in! Polka dots, stripes, characters, patterns, colors—show and tell about it! Who will wear the craziest socks of all? Will it be you?

Lunar Near Year Show- Wednesday, January 22ndWEAR RED

Lunar New Year Student Assemblies with a Lion Dancer Presentation to bring us good luck, health and fortune Wednesday, January 22ndWEAR RED to show you’re lucky!

Celebrate Lunar New Year- Friday, January 24th

On Friday, January 24th, P.S. 101 is planning to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a School Spirit Day to WEAR RED! We encourage our students and staff to WEAR your lucky RED on Friday, January 24th.

Traditional Asian-style clothing is encouraged and will add to the joyous event during the festivities.

We look forward to sharing in these special days! Participate and show some School Spirit at 101!  101 VIKING PRIDE!


Ms. Bova, Ms. Kipriadis and our Little Lighthouse Team

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