Leader In Me Shirt Order Form from PTA

Leader in Me shirts- ORDER FORM PTA

Dear Staff and Students:

At PS 101, we want to strive to demonstrate a sense of community and family that unite to celebrate, show support as a form of expression. We are a school that is engaged in social and civic matters, which embraces a happy and emotionally aware, student-body and staff. The cost of the Leadership shirt is $15.00 CASH.

We are a school that strives to live our lives, based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. To display our unity and celebrate these habits, we have a wonderful opportunity to purchase a 7 Habits t-shirt. Students and staff will be able to wear these t-shirts at your leisure, as well as, the “7 Habits Day” in May. If you are interested, please complete the order slip below and return to your child’s teacher or PTA with payment enclosed in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s name and class information.


Long Sleeve, red shirt with the 7 Habit Tree Logo on the front


7 Habits Shirt- Pre-Order Form

Circle SIZE and include the $15 FEE with the following information:

Student/Staff Member Name – ____________________________________________

Class – ______________________________________________________________

Room Number – _______________________________________________________

T-Shirt Size

Quantity – ___________________________

Youth Sizes:               Small                   Medium                       Large                     Extra Large

Adult Sizes:               Small                   Medium                       Large                    Extra Large




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