Panda Express Lunch – Parental Consent Form for Monday, February 3

panda express luncheon

January 31, 2020

Greetings PS 101 Families:

Panda Express Chinese Kitchen has graciously partnered with PS 101 to prepare Asian cuisine meals for our students to enjoy together.  On Monday, February 3rd after lunch hours (pm session) students will enjoy individually packaged mini-meals which will include Orange Chicken and Fried Rice. Panda Express will donate these free meals for students to celebrate the Chinese New year and Asian culture at its best.

As you may already know, Lunar New Year celebration is still not over yet and Panda Express Chinese Kitchen has organized an educational program called “Learn With Me” to spread awareness of the Chinese culture. Teachers will share these educational resources with our students with in-class presentations along with our food festival. There is no meat-free option.

In order for your child to participate and enjoy the Panda Kitchen mini-meal, you must sign and return the permission slip below to your child’s teacher. Please consider any food restrictions/exemptions or allergies your child may have upon returning the permission slip included.  Please prepare an individual snack for your child if you wish for him/her not to share in the prepared foods from Panda Express Chinese Kitchen.

Thank you for your cooperation and we are looking forward to this special food festival event with our youngsters!


Gregg Korrol




Student’s Name:_______________________________Student’s Class: __________________

Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________________________________

I have read the above information in regards to Panda Express Chinese Kitchen on Monday, February 3rd:

______ YES, I give permission for my child to participate/eat the prepared Orange Chicken/Fried Rice mini-meal with their class.

______ NO, I prefer for my child to bring his/her own snack and he/she will not be participating/eating the prepared meal from Panda Express Chinese Kitchen.



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