Little Lighthouse – Team February School Spirit Dates

School Spirit Days – February 2020



Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are pleased to announce “Sports Day”, which will be celebrated on Monday, February 3rdChildren are encouraged to wear football jerseys to get ready for Super Bowl Sunday (February 2nd) Children can also wear anything sports related. You may want to wear some of these fan favorites: Favorite Team T-shirt or Team Jersey; Sweat-suit/jogging suit/sweat pants; Team Uniform; Sneakers

Please ensure all paraphernalia or clothing apparel are considered safe and appropriate for children to wear for their day at school. Please help your child prepare for this fun-filled experience and be sure they come to PS 101 prepared on Monday, February 3rd t for our annual “Sports Day” School Spirit Day.

RESPECT FOR ALL: Please include your child in our week filled with respect, kindness, love and school spirit:

  • Monday, February 10 – Friendship Day – Wear YELLOW.
  • Tuesday, February 11 – Wear clothing that shares positive, kind, or inspirational messages.
  • Wednesday, February 12 – Favorite Shirt Day – wear your favorite shirt that reveals something about your character, personality, origin, family, etc. Use this as an opening for dialogue and a conversation with a friend.
  • Thursday, February 13 –Love Day – Wear PINK or RED.
  • ASSEMBLY: Respect for All Thursday, February 13th
  • PERIOD 2- Grades 3-4-5 audience
  • PERIOD 3- Grades Kgn-1-2 audience
  • Friday, February 14 – 100th Day of School – Create and wear a 100 theme hat or outfit



Ms. Bova, Ms. Kipriadis

and our

The Little Lighthouse Team

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