I Am Pennies – Respect for All Parent Letter

I Am Pennies Respect

Dear PS 101 Families:

As a fundraiser for Pennies for Patients and a part of Respect For All, we are collecting $1 per student if they wish to be included on our “I AM” wall in the auditorium. Students will be given a template that says “I am ______” and they can choose to fill in the blank however they wish — something that represents them or how they identify. They will also be able to decorate this as they wish. For example, “I am an artist,” “I am Muslim,” “I am Chinese,” “I am a boy,” “I am a gamer,” “I am kind,” “I am a math genius,” “I am brave,” etc.

Photos will be taken on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during morning line up (7:40-8:10AM) in the auditorium.

Photos will be posted throughout the week and will stay up for the remainder of the school year. Students will get their photo returned to them in June.

This is a great opportunity for students to express who they are with pride and without judgment while raising money for a great cause!

We hope to have all our students participate in this endeavor!

Please enclose the dollar donation in a sealed envelope labeled with your child’s full name and class.

With gratitude,

Ms. Kipriadis, Ms. Bova, and the Little Lighthouse and Diversity Teams



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