Homework for your child and the ELA Exam

Greetings 101 Families,

I know many of you are keeping your children home as a safety precaution. I have received calls from other parents letting us know their child is not coming in next week at all. We respect whatever decision you make around the safety of your children. BUT, as previously stated, you must call the school or email Mrs. Margaret (mlloyd2@schools.nyc.gov) and let us know so we can code the absence properly. That being said, we want to ensure learning continues.

This can be a confusing time for children. Where children usually look to adults for safety and certainty, many adults do not feel safe and certain at the moment. Hence, it is VERY important you continue a child’s routine to ensure they feel safe even while at home. I am asking you to ensure your child does homework using the links provided below and uses iReady at least 2 hours a day (one hour for ELA and one hour for Math).

On another note, we are getting questions about the ELA State exam. I don’t have any information on whether the ELA exam will be cancelled, postponed, given, etc. The decision comes from NYC and NYS, and once I hear something, I will of course keep you informed.

The homework below consists of about 3-5 days worth of work. Please ensure your child is continually working and learning in true 101 fashion!

101 HW  102 HW   103 HW   104 HW   105 HW
Class 121 (Ciluffo)
Grade 2 HW
Grade 3 HW
Class 341 HW (Perloff)
Grade 4 HW
Grade 5 HW
Kindergarten HW
Class K7 HW (Turchi)


Please ensure you keep all your child’s work in a folder and submit it to the teacher upon their return.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and use this time wisely (ex: read a great book, play family board games, have a meaningful conversation, etc)


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