Getting Started with Google Classroom

Greetings 101 families!

We are incredibly excited to begin teaching your child on-line.

Begin here:

To log your child on to Google Classroom:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the + sign and “join class“, then enter the class code your child’s teacher has sent you
  3. A square will pop up- click on the class title and you will enter the class
  4. Say “hello” to your child’s teacher

All Cluster and classroom teachers have created Google Classrooms. once you enter your homeroom class (for example, Mr. Lee Class 505), there will be codes or direction to join Music, Art, Drama, etc. Even if you don’t have these cluster classes, you can join them as well and do the activities posted!

 For students with ESL:


1 ESL/ENL Mrs. Siggia 2019-2020: c75noao

2 ESL/ENL Mrs.Siggia 2019-2020: vl7is2c


3-4,506 ESL/ENL Mrs. DeMarco 19-20: blrstvv


ESL/ENL 302+Gr 5 Mrs. Rivera 2019-2020: lv2gou5

ESL/ENL 205 Mrs. Rivera 2019-2020: z7yyaq6

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