4th, 5th Grade and Former PS 101 students- we need your help!

To the outstanding PS 101 4th, 5th Grade students
AND we also welcome our older siblings who are now in Middle School or High School (who attended 101)

We would love your help!!!

It’s your turn to be the teacher 🙂

With your parent’s permission, if you would like to record yourself reading a book for our younger students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 2 and do a read-aloud just like your teachers always did for you and your class, I will post your videos for our younger kids to see.

Here are the steps:

  1. Ask your parent permission to do this activity and ask them to record you.
  2. Practice reading a book in the same way your teachers did (read a page then show the picture).
  3. When ready, have your parent introduce you (by first name only) and then record you reading.
    ****if your parent doesn’t introduce you, I cannot post the video****
  4. Either post the video on Instagram with #PS101readaloud or upload the video to your ps101k Google Drive and share the link with me (gkorrol@ps101k.com).
  5. I will share your read-aloud with our PS 101 families.

Together- we are going to make this learning experience incredible!


#ps101, #ps101experience

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