“Spring Together,” This Week and Next

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As you may have heard, Spring Break has been cancelled.
School will be in operation on Google Classroom everyday this week and next.

Additionally, as per the DOE website, school will not resume until at least April 29, if not later. Follow your local news for updates.

Heres what you can expect:

  1. Students are still expected to do their work daily as has been the case and attendance will still be taken daily.
  2. Work load will be more project based, fun based and family based during the 7 days we were scheduled to have off (more info coming soon).
  3. If you are not permitting your child to attend school for religious reasons during any of the days from Apr 9-17, please message yo
  4. ur child’s teacher.
  5. Some teachers are taking some of the days off for personal reasons, however work will still be posted on a daily basis to Google Classroom.
  6. If your child’s teacher is taking off, they will let you know via Google Classroom so you’ll understand the delays in messaging response, however they are still expecting all student work to be completed and will respond to any messages in a timely manner.

Tonight or tomorrow, I am going to share a FUN VIDEO from our staff to you….stay tuned 🙂


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