Year-end Grading Policy

Dear PS 10 families-

The Chancellor has released his expectations for the city-wide grading policy, which you can read at the link below.

The quick version is that there are two grades:
Students receive final grades of either “Meets Standards” (MT) or “Needs Improvement” (N).

“MT” represents students who are on Grade level, meaning a ME, MA or MT (city-wide 3 or 4)
N” represents students who are below Grade level, meaning a MP or MB (city-wide 1 or 2)

While we are being flexible with work expectations and attendance, it is still expected that your child will work to PS 101 expectations, be present daily and submit quality work daily.  Hence if your child received (for example) an MA in Math on their March report card, we expect their Remote Learning work to be of the same quality.

You can read the complete grading policy here:
Update for Families-Grading Policy_April 28 2020
Translations available here

Stay Safe,


2 thoughts on “Year-end Grading Policy

    • I understand your frustration completely (my daughter is in the same situation). This is not a decision being made by PS 101, it is a mandate through NYC. That being said, at this time the key is to keep your child motivated and focus on the intrinsic value of learning and feeling successful, rather than the external grade.


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