PS 101 Drive-By Parade for Grade 5

Dear PS 101 Parents and Families-

Tomorrow, June 18th between 1pm,-1:30pm, we are taking an extra step to honor our 5th Graders after their graduation in the morning. The 5th Grade teachers, as well as additional PS 101 staff will be holding a drive by parade where we will be playing music from our cars and honking to acknowledge and congratulate our graduating seniors.

While we wish we could have celebrated in person, we figured this next step was a way to maintain social distancing and honor our students.

A few things:

  • Due to the fact we will have about 15-20 cars in this parade, we cannot drive down the busy streets of Cropsey Avenue or 86th street.
  • You don’t need to come out of your house and should be able to view us or hear us from your porch or windows. If you choose to come out of your house, please remember to follow all social distancing laws which require masks and distancing 6ft apart from other people.
  • Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to cover the entire PS101 zone.
  • We will be driving up and down the blocks between Benson Avenue and Bath Avenue from Bay 41st Street all the way to Bay 32nd Street. You can view the route here: Parade route PS101
  • Please do not join the parade with your car.
  • We encourage you to clap and give shout backs to our staff 🙂

To our 5th Graders, we are very excited to celebrate you tomorrow!




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