September Update #1 (for PS 101 Students)

Greetings 101 Families

Fall planning has fully begun, and this summer we are planning for what “re-opening” MAY look like in September. The NYCDOE has presented models for alternating days of instruction in-person at PS 101, combined with remote learning at home for September. While we are looking and analyzing the various models to see which works best for 101 families, something you can start thinking about is, assuming we go back in September, all students will engage in a partial week of in-person at PS 101 instruction, with the other part being remote learning at home. This is being done city-wide to ensure health guidelines and social distance requirements are followed, where approximately 8-10 students can be in one class at a time (normally we have about 30 students in a class).

The important need for you as a parent to start planning for is, who will watch your child on days when they are home and receiving remote instruction? Based on current models, children will be home for anywhere from 2-4 days per week, and they will be in PS 101, 1 or 2 days each week, with the possibility of a third day on a rotating basis.

Examples of what this MAY look like:

Child goes to school 2 days a week: Tuesday/Thursday OR  Wednesday/Friday OR Tuesday/Wednesday OR Thursday/Friday etc, then home the rest of the week learning remotely. Monday will either be rotating (meaning one week your child comes on Monday, then the next s/he doesn’t, then the third week they do, etc) OR may be for small group at-risk instruction

The other option depending on our group sizes (remember we have to keep to approximately 8-10 kids), is your child comes to school one day a week (Wednesday OR Thursday OR Friday and rotates weekly on Monday and Tuesday)
*The days your child attends will be determined by the school, not parent choice. Please be mindful we have to plan for 975 students and cannot take requests.

Many parents have already asked, What if I want to keep my child home all week and have them learn remotely? YES, this is an option, and you will have to fill out a form to let us know you want your child learning remotely full time. This form, from the NYCDOE, will be available mid-late July.

What if I start with my child at home and then want my child to go to school for the 1-2 days? There will be windows of time where you may be able to make this change, but it will not be a decision where you decide one night you want to start sending your child in the next day. As this will effect Social Distancing guidelines, there will be windows of time you can make this changes (we are awaiting further information on this).

While nothing above is definite, I felt it best to keep you informed as I learn more information so you too can make proper plans for the fall, the main point of your focus now being child care.

Our amazing PTA is setting up a meeting for the end of July (tentatively the morning of July 28) in which I will meet with you to bring you any updates and answer your questions. 

My goal as Principal of PS 101, has an always will be to make your child’s school experience extraordinary. Following the guidelines of the NYC Department of Education, New York State and CDC (center for disease control) guidelines, I will continue to keep you updated with information.

In order to hep me begin planning, please take the unofficial poll below (one time). This poll is not official and only helps me gain an idea of who may want to keep their child home.




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