Kindergarten/Pre-K Parents- Principal Korrol Mtg July 28

Dear K/PK Parents-

Many of you have contacted me about wanting to be in the meeting tomorrow to discuss September. As a parent, I know I would want to be as well, and therefore I have thought of a solution.

Thanks to a friend of mine letting me use his account, I will be broadcasting across two Zoom platforms at the same time.

The link below is only for parents with students entering PS 101 in September in Pre-K or Kindergarten.

This link will allow us a max capacity of 100 people- so if you have a DOE address, please use the other meeting link. In the event something changes and the link below doesn’t work, I will still provide either a recording or notes from out meeting that you can review.

Meeting time July 28 at 9am.

PK/Kindergarten Parents use:

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 842 0212 0291
Passcode: 439371
or dial in:

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