PS 101 School Schedule for Blended In-Person Learning

Greetings PS 101 Families,

As you know, PS101 selected the A-B-C Model for in-person learning for the school year, meaning we will have three groups of students for in-person learning.
*The only exception to this is students in Special Ed 12:1:1 who will receive a different schedule.

Starting Tuesday, August 25, 2020, we will be calling all parents who selected Blended In-Person learning to let you know what group your child is in.

The Three Groups are:

Here is the link to the calendar so you know exactly which days your child will be coming to in-person school at PS 101: PS 101 Blended_In-Person_ Learning School Calendar
*please note the NYCDOE still has not released the school calendar so these dates may change*

The calendar is color coded to make it easier for you. All you will need to remember is your child’s color group.

Aside from the day your child will come to school for in-person learning which is 1 or 2 times per week, the other days your child will be learning from home remotely.

Please note your child may only attend on the day their group attends. If you bring your child on another day, they will not be permitted into the school building and you will have to take them home.

If you have not done the student survey AND you are choosing to keep your child home for 100% remote learning, you must fill out this survey immediately: 
Preference Survey or call 718-935-2200.

As a reminder, there is a PTA meeting on Tuesday August 25 at 9am.



5 thoughts on “PS 101 School Schedule for Blended In-Person Learning

  1. Dear Principal Korrol and Ms. Rivera,

    My daughter Alexandra Liu is a prospect kindergarten student (student ID 242456390). I initially selected blended learning on the DOE survey, but later I filled out the survey again and selected 100% remote learning. However, yesterday I received below email indicating Alexandra will have blended learning based on our selection. How can we switch to 100% remote learning? We are truly concerned about Alexandra going to school and we prefer to keep her home with remote learning for now.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We really appreciate your help.

    Thank you, Alexandra and family

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. hi good afternoon i am the mother of Yarelis Victoriano id #248510976 i still dont know what group she is. I also have my other daughter enroll for kindergarden Yareni Victoriano DOB: 04/30/2015


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