Principal Korrol -Updates on School Opening Aug_25_2020

Greetings everyone,

Below is the link to the recording of today’s meeting:

Key Answers to questions asked:

  1. Blended/In-Person Learning AND Remote Learning- 1st Day of School is September 10
  2. Blended/In-Person Learning AND Remote Learning –School day start time: 8:30am.
  3. Blended/In-Person Learning –All parents are being called today Aug 25 and tomorrow Aug 26 and are being informed of their child’s Learning group RED- A, BLUE-B or GREEN-C
  4. Siblings are being grouped on the same day.
  5. You cannot change the group your child is in.
  6. Morning Line-up is outdoor everyday, rain or shine. Only students will be allowed into the school yard for line-up AND every child will have their temperature checked before entering.
  7. Parents are required to check their child’s temperature before sending them to school.
  8. There is no morning early arrival as there was in the past.
    Breakfast will be served in classrooms, hence there will be no early admittance for students.
  9. School ends approximately 1:45-2pm and dismissal time will depend on the grade (ex: PK/K get out before older kids).
  10. You will know your child’s class and teacher on September 10
  11. All IEP’s are being honored as is (meaning you get all services)
  12. Yes there will be ELL classes
  13. Yes there will be Dual Language
  14. There will be Live Teaching everyday (but we have not been told by the Dept of Education how much live teaching)
  15. A learning schedule will be clearly posted everyday so you will will know (for example) ELA is pd 1 and 2, Math pd 3 and 4, etc….
  16. Yes, you can change from Blended/In-Person Learning to 100% Remote by emailing or calling Mrs. Margaret. You must also fill out the Learning Preference Survey.
  17. No, you cannot change from 100% Remote to Blended Learning at this time. The next time that’s an option will be announced later, but we anticipate November.
  18. Belongings that were left in the school– we are awaiting guidance on when these items can be picked up, as well as 5th Grade yearbooks and diplomas.

4 thoughts on “Principal Korrol -Updates on School Opening Aug_25_2020

  1. Hello Principal Korroll I missed the call yesterday and tried to call back but got voicemail, and I’ve email Margaret but did not Get a response..


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