Groups ABC for Blended Learning Notification

Greetings Parents-

At this point all Blended in-person learning students have been called and notified of their learning group:

Here is the link to the calendar schedule for when your child attends school:
PS 101 Blended_In-Person_ Learning School Calendar

If for some reason you didn’t get a call or voicemail, email Mrs. Margaret at

Please be reminded:

  1. If you filed for 100% Remote Learning, you cannot switch to Blended in-person learning until the next window of opportunity opens.
  2. If you filed for Blended in-person learning and want to switch to 100% Remote, please email with your child’s information and your information stating you want to change from Blended in-person learning to Remote.

Please be advised we cannot switch student groups. Every group is filled with the maximum amount of students and switching one person means switching someone else. We also have given this information to NYC which is using it for contact tracing purposes, meaning, if a child were to get sick (for example in Group A), NYC needs to know who are the other students in that group and class.
Hence groups must remain as is, at least for now, and we may be able to re-visit this at a later date.

Reminder- First day of School is September 10 for all students.



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