First Day of School- Wed Sept 16- Begin Here (3rd reminder)

Dear PS 101 Families,

It’s here! Tomorrow September 16th! The first day of school

Please be advised as per the Chancellor the next three days, September 16-18, is intended for approximately an hour of live teaching per day which we are focusing on getting to know our students, and for our students to get to know their teachers.

As stated over the summer, this year your child will a team of teachers who are working together to deliver instruction. Whether you are home for 100% remote or blended (meaning sometimes in school and sometimes at home), your teachers will be working together to deliver the same instruction daily.

Please review the information and schedule below to ensure your child is ready to log on tomorrow at the specified time to meet their teachers.

Students will have two groups to remember, their official class (ex: 401) and their Group (Group A,B,C,D)
*reminder group D is 100% remote

Reminder, all students must be on camera to be considered present.

Please note the following schedule in preparation for welcoming our students this week, Wednesday September 16-18th:

Wednesday 9/16
Remote Engagement Orientation Begins for All Students

  • 9:30am Welcome Students (Full Grade)
  • 11:00am Official Classroom Welcome
  • Student Facing Activities
Thursday 9/17
Remote Engagement Orientation

  • 9:30 am Welcome Students (Official Classroom ex: 401)
  • 11:00am Student Facing Activities
Friday 9/18
Remote Engagement Orientation

  • 9:30am Welcome Students (Official Classroom)
  • 11:00am Student Facing Activities

To log on to to your classroom:

  1. Go to
    *Google Classrooms may not be active until September 16, 2020
  2. Enter your user name (Ex: Johnny45 NOT
  3. Enter Your password
  4. Select Google Classroom

For students who have NYCDOE Chromebooks, as we now have different student log-ons from last year. Do this today so you are ready for tomorrow.,
Please log on using the instructions here. Chromebook Devices



Please be advised your child must be active during Live teaching Time AND be on Camera to be marked Present.

During these sessions, teachers will engage with students and families to:

  • Introduce Grade Team Members and Official classroom teachers.
  • Welcoming/Getting to Know your student activities.
  • Prepare for Blended Learning.
  • Introduce health and safety practices every day.
  • Review student Cohorts-A,B,C, & D-confirm students know their cohort.
  • Review Breakfast and Lunch procedure-eating in classroom for both breakfast and lunch. Students may bring their own lunch and or breakfast.
  • Social and emotional learning and community building activities.
  • Instruction on navigating, accessing, posting work on Google Classroom via the Teachub.

Looking forward to an incredible year ahead!!!



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