What happens when a teacher is absent?

Greetings PS101 Families-

I understand I have posted a lot of information over the past week, and I will continue to do so in an effort to ensure we are transparent and you are aware of how things work based on the NYC School’s guidance.

In the event a Live in-person teacher who teaches students in a classroom is absent, we provide a substitute for the day.

In the event a remote teacher is absent, one who teaches through a computer, school work will be posted for the day, but there will be no live teaching during the teacher’s absence. Attendance will still be taken for students.

If you are keeping your child home on a day they are supposed to come in person, you may log into one of the other A,B, or C groups, even if your child is not in that group. make sure the teacher records your child’s attendance while they are on camera..


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