October 26-30 ONLY: Request to Change to Blended In-Person Learning

Greetings PS 101 Families-

For students who are currently Remote ONLY, between October 26-30, you will have the option to fill out the Learning Preference Survey (link will be available on October 26th) to request to switch to Blended in-Person Learning.

***If you select to switch to In-Person Learning, your child will begin School on November 16****

You DO NOT need to fill out the survey if you are keeping what you already have, meaning your child is staying REMOTE ONLY or is Currently coming to school

More information about the future windows to switch to Blended in-person learning in January and after can be found here


  • Please be advised we do not take requests for Groups- they are solely based on the number of students we can accommodate.
  • Your child’s teacher will be changed if you switch to in-person learning.
  • If students who are currently Remote switch to Blended learning, there will be changes that may effect everyone’s current student groupings and the teacher your child currently has.
  • You can switch to Remote Learning at any time


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