Weekly In-School COVID-19 Testing Begins

Dear PS 101 Families-

As per the Governor’s announcement, NYC schools must do weekly COVID19 testing where a random sample of staff and students will be tested (approx. 10%) every week. Testing began in all NYC schools this past week, and they have not come to PS101 this week to test yet.

How does testing work?

The test is a short Qtip that is inserted into the nose, which you can self-administer, and is approx. 5 swirls around the inside of each nostril.

When testing happens in PS 101, we will be using the back of the Auditorium for testing. PS101 staff members will be assigned to pick up the child from class, bring them to the auditorium, then return them to class.

How Do I consent for my child to get tested?

Please be advised that you can now consent to in-school COVID19 testing using your Health Screen App/website – the same one you use in the morning to do your Daily Health Screener. On the top of the page after logging in, you will see a button labeled “consent.”
Visit https://mystudent.nyc/ and click Consent.

What happens if I don’t sign consent or my child is too scared to take the test?

Please be advised, while a parent can decide not to sign consent for their child to be tested, it may lead to the student having to be remote only as per the NYCDOE.

If a child is under duress (stressed, very upset, etc), the child will not be tested and the COVID testing team will try again the following week. If the child cannot be tested, again, it may lead to the student having to be remote only as per the NYCDOE

Thank you for your cooperation.


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