Character Dress Up Day on Friday, October 30th

Dear PS 101 Families:

Re: Fall Festival > Character Dress-Up Day on Friday, October 30th

In keeping up with traditions, we are permitting students on Friday, October 30th- GROUP C to report to school wearing their favorite character costumes. Families are welcome to send their child to school wearing a safe costume. Character masks are not allowed to be worn, as we need every child to wear a face mask/covering as per health and safety COVID precautions/mandates. Additionally, NO simulated weapons, knives, axes, guns or props are to be brought to school, as we must comply with Chancellor’s Regulations.

Students working remotely in GROUPS A-B-D are invited to dress-up wearing their favorite character costume while engaged in this experience during at home learning. Friday, October 30th will be a regular instructional day for students in-school and at-home

Please follow the guidelines below with in-person learning for GROUP C students:

*No specialty parties/celebrations are being held in the classrooms.                                                                                                   

*No candy/goody bags are to be sent in or distributed to the class.

In closing, our school staff of teachers will prepare and post a fall activity or fun learning task(s) (craft/word jumble/crossword/games) for students to engage in with extra-curricular work ONLY.

Thanks for your cooperation as we try to do our very best under the current COVID circumstances.


Gregg Korrol


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