My Child Took a COVID Test, So Now What?

Greetings 101 Families-

As you know all schools have weekly COVID testing of students and staff. Tests are random so we don’t know when they will happen or who will get tested.

Today, for example, we had testing.

What happens next?

If a child or staff member tests positive, that staff member or student will be contacted directly within 48hrs by the NYCODOE or Department of Health with guidance and next steps. After the person is contacted, the Principal and Superintendent are contacted, and we will send information out to our school community as we did last week when we had a positive case.

Parents can check their child’s results by going to and signing up for an account

If a student or staff member tests positive, that entire class will be quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks- meaning, they are not permitted inside of PS 101 and will attend school via Remote Learning.

If we were to have more than one positive case in 2 separate classes, the school will be temporarily closed for a minimum of 24 hours and potentially up to two weeks while cleaning is done.

You can learn more about COVID testing and watch a video of a student being tested, here


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