Student Success Program: Trauma Student Groups

Trauma Referrals for Families in Need

Dear PS 101 Parents and Guardians:

PS 101 is working with The Child Mind Institute to host the Student Success Program: Trauma Student Groups. If you have a child in grades 3-5 (ages 8+) that has experienced trauma and would benefit from this group, please reach out to our school counselor by email at The program is free and will be held remotely once per week after school hours for approximately 45 minutes.

Trauma Student Groups: A 12-session small group treatment for students ages 8-16 who demonstrate a range of coping difficulties following their exposure to one or more traumatic events. Through a combination of group skills training and individual sessions, students will learn healthy coping strategies to enhance their resilience and share about their experiences in a supportive environment.

More information about this organization and program can be found in the attached flyer and online here:

Please feel free to call the school to email Guidance Counselor Kipriadis at for any additional information or inquiries regarding this learning opportunity.

Thank you,


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