Teacher Change and Re-organization for PS 101

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As we are now getting into the rhythm of this school year and have had our first solid month of school, we have been re-examining the current teaching model that was initially chosen based on our options provided by the NYCDOE, and listening to feedback from parents and staff regarding the challenges that came with it such as having multiple teachers on different days and large class sizes.

As a staff, we decided the most important thing for our students and families, as well as our teachers, is to have consistency, in the same way we have had in past years when school was “normal.” This means re-aligning our classes to our usual class numbers (ex: K1, 103, 205, etc) and eliminating the ‘different teachers on different days’ whether you are A,B,C or D concept. In other words, we will still have rotational days A,B,C for social distancing, but your child will be in the same class with the same teachers every day of the week, regardless of being on-line (remote) or in-person. If you are in the D group and fully remote, you will have the same teacher you would as if you were live and in-person.

What this means, is going forward, every classroom will have two teachers assigned and they will be your child’s same teachers everyday regardless of whether you are in person or remote. One teacher will be teaching in-person, while the other teacher is team teaching on the laptop.

What’s great about this?

  • Whether your child is home or in PS101, they will have the same teachers who will get to know your child even better.
  • We will not have class days where there are 50+ students on one Zoom call with one teacher.
  • We will incorporate live streaming (where and when we are able) meaning that as a teacher is teaching in the classroom, the child on remote laptop will be hearing the same lesson as those in person.
  • Even if children switch from in-person to remote or remote to in-person, they will consistently have the same teachers.

What’s the Challenge this brings?

  • We now have to look at every class and rebalance the in-person numbers so we have a certain amount of students each day present in each class and in our school building.
  • This means we may have to change student groups for some students, meaning moving students from an A group to a B group, or a C group to an A group, etc. This will not impact Group D remote only.
  • It also means your child may have a change of teacher, but, once this change occurs, we will be able to be consistent for the rest of the school year to ensure we deliver the best possible experience to our students.

When will this happen?

We are aiming for a tentative start date sometime next week. We will let you know as soon as able, and of course call you if your group has to change. Calls will happen over the next several weeks due to the open window of people returning to in-person learning.

We know this change will lead to a more consistent education where things will feel more “normal” to our students and staff.


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