Starts November 9: Teacher Change and Re-organization for PS 101

Greetings PS 101 Families-

As indicated in a previous message to parents, we have re-examined the current teaching model and are switching to a model that allows for daily consistency to ensure your child has the same teacher every day regardless of if they are in person or remote.

What makes this even better, is that every classroom will have two teaching staff members- one who will focus on the live students in front of them, and one will focus on the remote students. These teachers may work together and live-stream from the classroom or may work in groups, but either way, your child will have two staff members as their teachers for the year.

What happens next?

  • Due to the changes back to official classes and students possibly switching from remote to blended learning, we are re-arranging some of the student in cohorts. In other words, some students (not all) will be switched from Cohort A to B, or B to C, or C to A etc.
  • Tomorrow, during Parent-teacher Conference IF your Cohort Group is being switched, your child’s teacher will inform you.
  • Siblings, if moved, are being moved together and will remain in the same cohort.

Starting Monday November 9, 2020, students will report to the Google Classroom/in-person classroom of their official teacher. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the teacher team for the official class will remain your child’s teacher for the rest of the school year 🙂


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