Did you fill out the Consent form so your child can return to school yet?

Dear PS 101 Families-

We are working hard at following the Mayor’s orders to ensure every student who reports to PS 101 for live instruction has an updated permission to get COVID tested form on file. We are calling every parent who has a Blended Learning in-person child who has not yet given their permission/consent to test for COVID in school to ensure they update their consent form which you can complete —–>>>here<<<—–.
When you log in, it should look like the form below…click the check box and RESUBMIT.

While I understand some parents have concerns, please know the actual test is very easy and is simply a Qtip swab touching just inside your child’s nose. To give you a better understanding and not to be gross, if your child has ever picked their nose, they have stuck their finger deeper than the Qtip will go.
Click here to watch a video of what the testing looks like.

Please be reminded that if you do not have an updated consent from on file, your child will not be able to return to PS 101 in-person learning and they will be switched to Remote only instruction. Please also be reminded that if you switch to Remote only, you will not be able to switch back to in-person learning.

If your child is a Blended in-person learning student, please visit your myschools account to ensure you have signed the consent. Please be advised any child who comes to school next week without an updated permission form will be sent home as per NYCDOE regulations. If you choose to keep your child home for Remote only instruction, you must fill out this form:
Learning Preference Survey -use this to switch your child to Remote Only learning

Thank you for working with us to ensure the safety of all PS 101 children and their families, as well as the PS 101 staff.


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